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Wednesday Links

123172048Each week (or so) I will publish links to resources and news stories that are relevant to one of our 7 Building Blocks.


Positive parenting protects your child from brain shrinking stress


Cooperative and Listening:  Here’s a link to a short video by Tina Bryson, co-author of The Whole-Brained Child.  She offers parents practical tips on developing a playful attitude with our kids in order to avoid power struggles.

Radiant Faith

Thankful heart art project:  A cute paper craft to help your kids think about what they are grateful for as Thanksgiving approaches.

A Strong Marriage

Co-Habitation, Student Debt Threaten Marriage:  Cardinal O’Malley comments on cultural trends that are undermining the Sacrament of Marriage, especially co-habitation.

Welcome to Intentional Catholic Parenting

kimlydiaWelcome to our new website devoted to exploring the concept of “intentional Catholic parenting,” especially through “The 7 Building Blocks to a Joyful Catholic Home” parenting model.  This site will offer articles and links to relevant resources and research on how we can live intentionally with our children.

Here’s a description of “intentional Catholic parenting.”