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Celebrating Your Child’s “Name Day”

My Lydia celebrating her very first name day.

My Lydia celebrating her very first name day.

August is “name day month” in my home, because all of my children have patron saints whose feast days fall in the month of August: Lydia (August 3), Dominic (August 8), Claire (August 11), and Aidan (August 31). Years ago, when I began researching ways to bring Catholic culture into my home, celebrating name days was one of the first things we did together. Until then, I was completely clueless that all my children had the same name day month!

If you’re not sure of the date of your child’s name day, American Catholic has a great calendar that you can search. But, hold on. If your child’s has a name day, it means you actually went to the trouble of naming him or her after a saint. Thank you! Naming children after saints or biblical figures is like naming them after our parents or revered ancestors: it honors the saint and gives our child a link to his heritage. Even more, a patron saint has a special connection with our child; I think patron saints help us raise our children. Finally, giving our a child a saint’s name affirms our belief in the communion of saints.

So, what’s not to celebrate?!

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Candlemas 101 (Intentional Links)

Decorated candles made by Kim's children for Candlemas 2015

Decorated candles made by Kim’s children for Candlemas 2015

On February 2, the Church celebrates the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord (or the Feast of the Purification of Mary or, popularly, Candlemas because this is the day Catholics traditionally had their candles blessed). If you don’t know much about this feast day and you’re looking for practical ways to observe it in your home,  here are some links to get you started:

Basic Background

No (or Little) Fuss Candlemas Ideas by me over on my little family blog, First Heralds. A basic explanation of the feast day with some simple ideas I use in my own home on Candlemas.

Three Things to Remember about Candlemas by Marge Fenelon. Theological insights about Candlemas.

The Churching of Women. Well this is fascinating. Did you know there is a Church tradition, inspired by Mary’s purification, of allowing women to remain home with their infants for 40 days after birth? When you return to Mass, you are making a pilgrimage of thanksgiving for a healthy baby and then you receive a blessing. (This is done for health reasons and not because women are considered impure by the Church.)

Celebration Ideas

Prayers for Candlemas. Use at the dinner table, at bedtime, beside the fireplace, or before a special Candlemas tea party?

Easy Candles: If I could pick three symbols of Candlemas, they would be the dove (for the doves Mary and Joseph would have brought to the Temple), water (purification), and candles (as Jesus entered the temple, Simeon identified him as the Light to the Gentiles).  In addition to the candle making ideas I present in my blog post linked above, I like this simple votive candle holder. The  holder is baby food jar covered with tissue paper. The linked post is for a 4th of July theme, but use any colored tissue paper. Use Modge Podge to add a little cross or image of Mary and you have a Candlemas craft. Even the smallest hands can manage to make something special.

Marcia’s candle: Marcia Mattern (one of our staff writers at Catholic Attachment Parenting Corner) created a special Candlemas candle by handwriting a portion of Simeon’s announcement (“A light for revelation to the Gentiles and glory to your people Israel”) onto a band of paper, decorating it, then wrapping the band around a pillar candle.

Free Printable Paper Puppets. So cute! Let your kids act out the Presentation as you are reading Luke 2:22-38 to them.

Amazing tea party ideas by Jessica over at Shower of Roses.  How does she think of this stuff?  Her food is very symbolic of the Feast and beautifully presented. I think I might try her edible candles this year! Using even one or two ideas for your table would be special.

Intentional Links: 12 Days of Christmas for Your Family!

raphael mary and jospehDid you know Christmas doesn’t end on December 25? We’re just getting started! For Catholics, the Christmas Season lasts for 40 whole days until Candlemas on February 2!  Before then, we have The Solemnity of Mary on January 1st (the Octave – 8th day- of Christmas) and the Feast of the Epiphany on January 6 (exactly 12 days after Christmas, though in many countries the celebration is moved to the nearest Sunday – this year this would be January 3).

Here are some links to keep your family in the Christmas spirit for the 12 Days of Christmas!

Solemnity of Mary

An explanation of the solemnity from EWTN.

Prayers for the Solemnity of Mary  from Use to enrich your family prayer time.

Fleur-de-Lis Brownies from Catholic Cuisine. Easy and lovely way to make your Solemnity special!

Free solemnity coloring page from Faith-Filled Freebies

Feast of the Epiphany

Living Epiphany.  I wrote this article a few years ago, sharing how we observe Epiphany in our home. Basic explanation with story and tea party ideas.

Paper Bag Crown from artbarblog. This could be a super easy Epiphany crown – you probably have everything on hand already!

Star sun catcher to remind us of the journey of the Magi.

Altar display: I love the way this mom arranged her table with the spices and flowering bulb. This would be a great addition to the family altar.

Wednesday Links

A few links to articles that can help us love more intentionally with our children!


10 Signs of Love by Darcia Narvaez.  An exquisite but brief exploration into the nature of real love.  “Love is … not a choice, or a dream, or a romantic novel. It’s a fact: an empirical fact about our biological existence. We are born into relationships with people and with places. We are born with the ability to create new relationships and tend to them. And we are born with a powerful longing for these relations. That complex connectedness nourishes and shapes us and gives us joy and purpose.”


Does Pregnancy Make You More Stupider?  Yup, it seems we lose some cognitive ability when pregnant and that our brains might actually . . . shrink!  Aaagh!  In this article, Gwen Dewar tries to explain why that may be the case and she offers some suggestions for boosting brain power during pregnancy.  Take care of yourselves, mommies!

Radiant Faith

Should Catholics Celebrate Halloween?  Here’s a great, balanced article on Halloween. “Every year, a debate rages among Catholics and other Christians: Is Halloween a satanic holiday or merely a secular one? Should Catholic children dress up like ghosts and goblins? Is it good for children to be scared? Lost in the debate is the history of Halloween, which, far from being a pagan religious event, is actually a Christian celebration that’s almost 1,300 years old.”

All Hallows Eve by Mary Reed Newland.  This is an excerpt from Newland’s classic family faith book The Year and Our Children.  “One of the nicest surprises of living around the year with the Church is to find that Halloween is part of it.  Not that the Mass of the day has mention of black cats, or the Divine Office of witches, but for so long Halloween meant nothing but parties and vandalism that when someone first proposed that it came out of the liturgy, I asked: ‘Are you sure?'”

All Saints Day Scavenger Hunt:  Jessica over at Shower of Roses has a fun All Saints scavenger hunt!