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Wednesday Links: Girls and Body Image

Today I have some great links for your about girls and the development of poor body image.

Tips to Encourage a Positive Body Image in Girls.  Body image shifts dramatically in early elementary school.  The author suggests that what moms say about their own bodies influences their daughters’ attitudes.

The Media and Body Image from WebMD. We all know the media perpetuates the “thin is beautiful” message. This article says we don’t have ban media, but suggests practical ways we can help our daughters look critically at media messages. The article, like the previous one, points out the impact on a daughter of her mother’s attitude toward her own body. This article also warns fathers about how they talk about women in front of girls.

Improving Your Body Image Through Catholic Teaching by Dr. John Acquiva.  A theology of the body approach to improving our perception of our bodies. This book might give parents some tools for talking to a daughter about poor body image.

Exercise Improves Body Image for Fit and Unfit Alike.  Research suggesting that regular exercise, and not the actual level of fitness, improves body image. This article is focused on adults, but it gives us yet another reason to put together a family-centered fitness routine.  AHA! That’s the topic of the Fall 2015 issue of Tender Tidings!

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Tender Tidings Fall 2015 NOW AVAILABLE!

Free parenting magazine for gentle, intentional, and attachment-minded parents.


In this issue:

  • Family-centered fitness: body and soul
  • Dr. Greg explains how to answer your kids’ questions about gay “marriage”
  • Benedictine wisdom for your family
  • healthy, homemade snacks for busy kids


TENDER TIDINGS Summer 2015 Now Available!

The summer issue of our free parenting magazine is now available!

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In this issue:

  • Natural Family Planning:  In Real Life
  • Navigating family road trips
  • Gentle discipline: the real root of misbehavior
  • Create a sacramental memory book
  • picnic recipes


Free parenting resource for gentle, intentional, and attachment-minded parents:

In This Issue:

  • Spring cleaning:  heart and home.  How is decluttering a Christian activity?  Abby Sasscer, author of Simplifying Your Domestic Church, answers that question.
  • Nature journaling for the whole family
  • Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration
  • Cleaning up your family’s favorite JUNK FOOD
  • MORE!

Tender Tidings Winter 2014 AVAILABLE

Tender Tidings Magazine, our FREE parenting publication, is now available for your enjoyment! Just click on the flipbook to explore.

PDF is also available from flipbook.

  • THE SLEEP ISSUE:  tips for getting more sleep, the science of safe co-sleeping, sleep stories from intentional, Catholic parents
  • Dr. Greg answers tough questions from real parents, including one about preschool tantrums
  • What can the Holy Family teach us about parenting?
  • Make a king cake for Epiphany

Tender Tidings Fall 2014: NOW AVAILABLE

The FALL 2014 issue of ICP’s FREE parenting magazine, Tender Tidings, is ready!

In this issue:

  • Hospitality: Making a House a Home
  • A prayer plan for real families
  • Simplify your home and your calendar
  • Does your spouse feel like a priority in your life?
  • Dr. Greg tackles some tough parenting questions

Available HERE or click on flipbook below. (Prefer a PDF?  You can download it from either the link or the flipbook.)  Enjoy!  Share it with your friends!

Tender Tidings Summer 2014 NOW AVAILABLE!!

Here it is: your free issue of Tender Tidings.  Don’t miss it and please pass it on to your friends!

In this issue:

  • FAMILY GAMES (playing our favorite childhood games with our kids, how real parents play games with their kids, and why play is so important for children)
  • A new Q & A column from Dr. Greg tackling some tough parenting questions
  • Marcia shares a stunning, unique idea for creating a prayer path outside for your family
  • What’s a strong marriage?  Do you have one?
  • Letting go of control in our parenting
  • Hydrating summer drinks

Here’s the flipbook.  For full view click on 4 arrows bottom left corner.  If you would prefer the PDF, you can download one from the flipbook.

Tender Tidings Spring 2014 Now Available!

ICP’s FREE parenting magazine, Tender Tidings, is now available for viewing!

Our special topic is Education Options. This is honestly our best issue yet.  You’ll find tons of ideas for living a joyful, radiant life with your family.  Definitely check out Marcia’s article on doing the Stations of the Cross with kids!

A few changes in this issue:

*The special topic is limited to just one section.

*New columns:  Kim will write a regular column on one of the Building Blocks; Marcia has a new column on ways to bring the faith to our children in fun, hands-on ways.

Click on the Flipbook below to open it up.  You can view it in Flipbook form (super fun!) or download a PDF from the Flipbook.

Tender Tidings Winter 2013 Available!

The winter issue of Tender Tidings, the free magazine for intentional Catholic parents, is now available for viewing!

Just click on the flipbook to explore.

This issue is devoted to raising creative children.  Dr. Greg Popcak wrote an article on why family creativity time is good for the whole family; Marcia Mattern shares ideas about creating a prayer corner in our homes; Michaelyn Hein has some great ideas for making story time more creative.