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Wednesday Links

Each week (or so) I will publish links to resources and news stories that are relevant to one of our 7 Building Blocks.  This week:

Love and Empathy

Stress in Babies:  How Parents Can Keep Their Babies Calm and Healthy by Gwen Dewar

Radiant Faith

15 Steps to Better Evangelization by Father Ed Broom.  Practical tips for how to be “fishers of men” including our own kids!

Gentle Discipline

Violence, A Family Tradition:  A TedX Talk by Robbyn Peters Bennett.  How adverse child experiences, including spanking, affects a child’s brain and long-term health and well-being.

A Strong Marriage

Build a Marriage that Taps Into God’s Love “This is a generation that has a real fear about making marriage work, and they’re hungry to figure out how to do it so they don’t end up making the same mistakes they see everyone else making and experiencing that agonizing pain.”