Wednesday Links


Depression During Pregnancy: How It May Impact Baby Brain Development.  “Children of depressed parents are at an increased risk of developing depression themselves, a combination of both genetic and environmental factors. These children also display alterations in the amygdala, a brain structure important for the regulation of emotion and stress.”  Self-care is always important, and especially during pregnancy.  Having a strong support system and being honest with our obstetrician about emotional suffering can help us deal better with prenatal depression.

Radiant Faith

An idea for a hands-on activity during Advent:  A Jesse Box.  Love this!  Inspired by “Jesse Trees”, this box is”a new and exciting way to teach your children salvation history through an interactive diorama that lets them act out the story.”  This is definitely going on my “must have” list!  Available on Amazon.

Jesse Box

Jesse Box

Christmas Is More Than a Temporal Celebration, an article exploring Pope Francis’s homily on the first Monday of Advent.  The Pope encourages us to encounter Christ during Advent with the heart, with life, to encounter him alive.

Helping Our Children Encounter Christ During Advent:  In this CAPC article, I responded to Pope Francis’s invitation to Christians to encounter Christ during Advent by asking what we can do to help our children encounter Christ.  I suggest children do this through love, play, and prayer.

Keeping Christ in Christmas.  Another CAPC essay.  Christina Kolb considers ways to keep her family Christ-centered amid all the trappings of the Christmas season, both in how we celebrate and in how we prepare our hearts.